Temperature Sensor for DP-350/DP-700

Tilting Sensor Head Type Temperature Sensor for DP-350C*A (ST-230-K-1000-3C/F)


Tilting Sensor Head Type Temperature Sensor for DP-350C*A  (ST-230-K-1000-3C/F)

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Tilting sensor head allows accurate temperature measurement

- Tilting sensor head type with free movement head.
The temperature can be accurately measured by pressing the temperature sensor against the object under measurement.
- Dimpled processing for grip
Fitting feeling allows easy gripping with the bare hand or even when wearing gloves.
-Temperature sensor has a maximum operating temperature of 300°C and is designed to measure the surface temperature of metals and insulators.
  (Temperature range : -40 to 300°C)
- The head is made of a liquid crystal polymer resin that does not scratch the measurement objective and has little thermal effect.


Accuracy(When temperature on metal surface is 100°C)
±1.3°C or ±1.3% of measuring temperature
Response Time
1.1sec (Respose of 99%)
0.45sec (Respose of 90%)
Resitance value (With cable 1m)

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